It's the Final Countdown

The top ten objects... but which will come top?
Image courtesy of Heritage & Culture Warwickshire

We’re getting more and more excited here about our top ten objects at the museum. Tomorrow (10th January), we’re starting the countdown on social media of the objects themselves, so keep an eye on  @OurWarwickshire, and also @RuairiTheFawn@OisinTheDeer, and  @Chambearlin. We’ll do this in alphabetical order, so there will be no favouritism! Then from 1st February until 7th, we’ll be asking for *your* votes to decide the order, which we’ll reveal on 14th February under the hashtag #LoveWarwickshireBytes

Now you may prefer to look on facebook too, and that’s fine.  Both @warwickshiremuseum and @WarwickshireCountyRecordOffice will be sharing the objects too.

Animation, animation, animation

Even better, we’ve got some great little animations that we’ll show at the same time, just as an introduction to the objects, and there’ll be plenty more besides. The top ten objects are part of the Warwickshire Bytes project, so it’s all about the digital.

So, want to see the full list from where we picked the top ten? Look no further than here!

So keep an eye on our social media channels, and plenty more will be happening!