Welcome to the New Blog For Our Warwickshire

Sergey Tchernyakov

Welcome to Heritage and Culture Warwickshire’s new blog for Our Warwickshire. Get behind the scenes – find out what makes us tick – hear the stories – meet the people – be part of your on-line community.

Our Warwickshire is the name for an exciting project to re-develop the Market Hall Museum in Warwick and highlight the archives at the County Record Office, as well as further develop the Our Warwickshire website.

Temporarily closing its doors

The Market Hall Museum will temporarily close its doors in September 2015. So much of what we house in our collections has not been seen by the public and, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we will have new flexible displays which will allow us to regularly change the collections. It also means that we can tell your stories of our county, through joint projects and your collections. Through storytelling, objects and interactives we will illustrate what is great about Warwickshire.

Whilst we’re closed we’re going to be very busy, behind the scenes. Aside from selecting and creating new exhibits from the archives and collections, we will also be keeping a record of all the changes and showing you our progress on this blog. Anything we hear, see and find that we think you might like we will post right here and invite your feedback. Do you have memories of the old museum that you wish to share?

It’s about you

The Our Warwickshire blog aims to include and encourage input from the wider public, featuring interesting snippets of information about the history, people, environment and the collections held by the county museum. This new blog will hopefully reflect the complex story and culture that represents our county, and encourage everyone to get involved. It will complement this website, which is rapidly growing, thanks to your contributions.

Old favourites like the Sheldon Tapestry, the bear, the bees and Oisin the deer will feature in the new Market Hall Museum. Additionally, once we re-open in 2016, you’ll see lots of new items as well as frequently changing displays. So watch this space!