New Year, New...

Photograph of man and woman in fancy dress, New Year's Eve 1897 at Kenilworth Gate House.
Photograph by R. L. Graham, Leamington. Warwickshire County Record Office reference PH461/44

As 2017 trips over into 2018, it always seems paradoxical that a time when you look to the future is also one to reflect on the past. Nonetheless, this is entirely the paradox that a website and heritage organisation thrives on.

Looking forward to the past

From Heritage & Culture Warwickshire’s (HCW’s) point of view, the new year sees us look forward to celebrating the first anniversary of Market Hall Museum re-opening, and there’s also plenty of events coming up too.

It’s worth noting that these pages aren’t just for HCW events. They’re for yours too. if you’re a local history group with a programme of talks, pop them up by going to the relevant contribution page. It doesn’t matter if the event’s in December of this year, get it up and get some publicity for it!


Future events about the past might also trigger a desire to find out more about the history either of your family, your house, or just the area in general. If this is the case, then our record office would love to see you if there are any documents you would like to look at. Furthermore, the museum’s displays offer insights into the county, and can engage, enthuse, and inspire.

Naturally, the new year means I give the same old plea for articles on the county’s history and heritage, historic photographs you own or have taken (I’m sorry, I have to pop the caveat in about checking the copyright status to make sure you’re OK to submit), or adding photographs to the Historic Environment Record. We’ve also got a Notes & Queries section, where if you’ve got a question you’d like help with (or are able to answer what’s already there!) then do feel free to comment.

Here’s to 2018.