Christmas Time...

What says Christmas more than a rabbit in a Santa hat?
Image courtesy of Jo Taylor

I got fed up with a tinselled chicken, so for this year’s Christmas blog have a photo of a rabbit in a Santa hat, courtesy of Archive Assistant Jo Taylor.

So things wind down at this time of year. In terms of opening, Market Hall Museum closes on Saturday to re-open 2nd January, while the County Record Office is closed on Boxing Day, but open 27th, 28th, and 29th December.

A 24/7 presence

Even when yours truly takes a couple of days off… but don’t let that stop you! The whole point of this website is that it’s available anywhere, anytime. And who knows, with a bit of spare time, it might be great to get hold of those memories from your grandparents, and jot them down. If that’s not possible then have a read at the articles we have, look at the photos… and enjoy. Maybe, just maybe it’ll spark something off you’d like to add.

The year has seen articles, photos and events continue to be added, and the surprise hit of photos for the historic environment records also continues to get more and more material. At the risk of being a stuck record however, we want more!


2019 will bring some exciting developments. Look out for the #warwickshirebytes hashtag in all your favourite Heritage & Culture Warwickshire social media places. As part of that project, we’ll also be visiting places around the county to meet you and hopefully have you bring objects along to tell the story of Warwickshire to you… along with those stories, of course.

Away from that, the opportunity is there for you to add to this website – it’s what it’s made for. So, however you choose to spend this season, do please use this website as well in whatever form, reading or sharing. Your support makes it what it is.

And with that… Merry Christmas.