What are we Doing in There?

The Market Hall Museum refit

Hello everyone,


I bet you’re wondering how we’re getting along in the Market Hall with the refit, what with all the blinds being closed? It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it? Well, make no mistake, it’s pretty drastic, you won’t recognise the place. Everything has been stripped out, back to the bare bones of the original building, they’ve got rid of asbestos pipe lagging, all the old lighting, they have even removed a lot of the interior non-structural walls.

Changing Rooms

The new galleries will be light, fresh, give a sense of space and allow you to appreciate the architecture of the Market Hall itself. Most importantly, it will provide an area where we can show off our objects to their best advantage, whilst at the same time improving visitor access to the interpretation on a number of different levels. There is even going to be a cafe so you can rest your weary feet and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

Watch this space!