What's in a Question?

Questions can grow from all kinds of sources.
Image originally from Pixabay

You may, or may not, have realised that Our Warwickshire has its own Notes & Queries section. This was set up as much in admiration of the Guardian’s section, where sensible, intelligent, in-depth questions are interspersed with quirky, unusual, ‘what’s that about?’ efforts. It can all be a bit of fun!

So, we’ve been building up the queries – take a look! What we don’t have much of, however, is answers. Now… you may not know the answers yourself, but you may have an assumption, something to point towards, something you’d like to add. Well if you do, you sound like our kind of person!

What’s in an answer?

What we’d really like is not just questions, but answers too. This is your chance to give the solutions that go beyond ‘contact your local record office’ and add a dash of colour and vibrancy to the past. This is your chance to have the rest of us think ‘I never thought of that!’

Now of course this section isn’t the only place you can add comments to the website, either. The beauty of a community website is it can add to knowledge already out there, or shed new light. We do, naturally, encourage you to comment on anything you think you’ve got something to add to. Maybe reading something has sparked a question? Maybe that question too will end up in the Notes & Queries section, if it’s worth expanding beyond its specific point.

It’s all about the contributions

And with that, the circle will be complete.

Contributions are what makes this website – not just the original ones (of which we, naturally, still want more of!) but also the reactions to those already on the site. Read something and interested about it? Let us know…