Last Chance to See...

Closing date for the museum

Last Chance to See...
Last Chance to See...

It’s finally here; the closing date for the museum is Saturday the 26th September. After then the doors will be closed until spring 2016, so if you want to see the old galleries and remember what they look like before they are gone forever then now is your last chance.

Keep in touch

Of course, just because the Market Hall is closed does not mean that you won’t be able to keep up with our progress and attend events that we have organised while we are shut. We will still be doing talks and events, but they will either be held at the County Record Office or St. John’s Museum. Also, keep in touch with us virtually by logging onto this website and follow our progress; there will be lots to see: time-lapse videos, pictures, articles, interviews and anything else we can think of to entertain, inform and inspire.

Check it out

We had an experiment with our time-lapse recorder and recorded 24 hours of the Market Square as seen from our attic office. It’s only a minute and a half and it’s interesting to see everything changing.

Next time we will be interviewing the design team, WorkHaus, who will be helping us change the face of the museum. Don’t worry, all your favourites: the bearthe tapestryOisin; and the bees will still be here when we get back. You will just have to come and see where we’ve put them.