We Wish You a Merry...

Tinselled chicken.
Photo by Robert Ravenhall.


It’s the time of year I like, because it allows me to use my picture of a tinselled chicken. Fingers were maimed to take this, so there’s no way there’ll be another.


Anyway, last year we were looking forward to the re-opening of Market Hall Museum in February, and this duly happened! It’s hard to think it’s 10 months away now, which perhaps shows how the pace hasn’t let up since. It’s all very well opening an attraction, but then there’s the hard work that goes into making sure we deliver the high quality experience we all want.


This website, too, has grown over the past year. November 2016 saw its re-launch, and this revised site has gone rather well since, in my own humble opinion.  We’ve had a fair few contributions and, as I keep saying, this is what makes the site. We need a variety of voices to help make this work, and that helps build up a rich tapestry, and gives variety.

Hopefully the coming year sees yet more contributions, and what better time to start thinking about what you may want to submit than over the festive period? It’s a time of looking back, but also a time to look forward to what’s coming. Well, surely what’s coming is finding the time to ferret out that little bit of history to do with your house, your family, or something that’s just interested you? or maybe to scan in a couple of your grandparents’ old photos of the area?

You know it makes sense.

Merry Christmas

Anyway, the only thing that remains for me is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That applies too for all from Heritage & Culture Warwickshire, be it Museums, Archives, Heritage Education, Arts, or Archaeology. We’ll see you maybe over the Christmas break and beyond… I hope.