Coventry University, the Lanchester Library

Lanchester car in 1903 promotional film. The car is driving up some steps, being watched by onlookers. | Image courtesy of the Lanchester Collection, Coventry University
Lanchester car in 1903 promotional film.
Image courtesy of the Lanchester Collection, Coventry University

The Lanchester Library holds the following archive material:

  • The Lanchester Collection – the largest series of records in the world relating to car manufacturer, engineer and inventor Frederick Lanchester (and other family members). Most of this collection has been digitised and is available online;
  • The Richardson Tapes – interviews by Kenneth Richardson recorded during research for his book ‘Twentieth Century Coventry’ (1972);
  • The Donnelly and Thoms Tapes – recordings made for publications on the Coventry car industry by Prof. Tom Donnelly and David Thoms;
  • The Gulf War Support Group – audio and videotapes, diaries, letters and files from a Coventry based group, which campaigned on behalf of those caught up as hostages during the first Gulf War;
  • The Roy Wilson Collection – papers, magazines and books relating to graphic designer Roy Wilfred Wilson;
  • Papers, catalogues, slides and drawings of the late Dr Anthony Hobson relating to the artist J.W. Waterhouse (Hobson was the country’s leading authority on Waterhouse);
  • Ellen Terry memorabilia collected by former university Pro Chancellor Celia Fitzhugh;
  • Unlisted material relating to the university and its predecessors. Nb most archive material relating to predecessors is at Coventry History Centre.
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