Romano-British occupation, Stretton on Fosse Site 4

Description of this historic site

Enclosures, ditches, pits, human burials were found during an archaeological excavation. Pottery and metal work were found in large quantities. Roman artefacts date back to the 1st century. The site was located south of Cottage Farm, near Stretton on Fosse.

Notes about this historic site

1 An area containing numerous large ditches and pits, together with burials. Several boundary or enclosure ditches were excavated, including F2 which was a palisade ditch. F4 enclosed a large trapezoidal area and bounded most of the features on the site. This cut an earlier system of ditches. Various ditches and post holes, and stone-spreads, mainly within the trapezoidal enclosure, could have belonged to round or subrectangular buildings. Several hearths and ovens were also recorded. Outside the enclosure to the SE a stone-built square building incorporated roof tile and had a hearth. Much pottery was found, together with metalwork and slag, possibly indicating an industrial use. A coin of Constans was also found. Eight inhumations were found, six on the W of the site and three to the E. No finds were made but these may have been Roman. Roman features on the site appear to be 1st century to 2nd century. The stone building could be 3rd – 4th century and produced evidence of iron and lead working. Larger drainage ditches (F4, F5) went out of use in late RB or early post-RB period.
2 Plan.
3 Correspondence from 1972.
4 Correspondance in 1973, concerning the extraction of sand and gravel from this site.

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