Excavation of Roman Well at Brown's Spinney

Description of this historic site

A Roman well was found during an excavation. It contained three cremation urns and a burial. The well was situated in an area to the north west of Little Lawford.

Notes about this historic site

1 A few years before 1857 while digging limestone a limestone cist was discovered. This contained a skeleton with the legs contracted, the skull of which had fallen between the knees.
2 Around 1814 some labourers who were digging for limestone discovered a well or circular cist, about 2.1m deep, at the bottom of which were deposited three Roman urns, filled with burnt bones. About fourteen to fifteen years before 1874 a Roman quern was found hereabouts.
3 An illustration of the area around Church Lawford shows the place where Roman remains were found.
5 The urns were destroyed, according to Bloxam, with the exception of one, which was preserved at Holbrook Grange.
6 Noted by Ordnance Survey.

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