Neolithic Ring Ditch 300m SW of Thelsford Farm, Charlecote.

Description of this historic site

An excavation of a round barrow dating to the Neolithic period uncovered a ring ditch and a human burial with a flint knife. The site is located 850m south of the church, Wasperton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Over half a ring ditch excavated in advance of gravel extraction. An unbroken ring ditch enclosed an area 12m in diameter. Excavated part revealed seven straight sections and calculations indicate a thirteen-sided shape. A central grave with ephemeral remains indicating a human burial, the body lying on its left side with knees drawn up to the chin. At the right side of the grave lay a flint knife. Several stages of silting in the main ditch were observed. The final silting represented the destruction of the central mound and contained fragments of at least three Mortlake urns. The evidence would suggest a barrow of secondary Neolithic date constructed on a site which had first been cleared of vegetation. Later regeneration of shrubs and bushes.

2 Ring Ditch II can be confidently classed as a Neolithic Round Barrow on the grounds of grave goods, ditch plan and site history. Probable Beaker shers were recovered from the ditch fill.

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