Post Medieval buildings, High Street, Bidford-on-Avon

Description of this historic site

During the excavation of trial trenches three Post Medieval buildings were found. One Tudor coin and one Elizabethan coin were also found. The site was located on the High Street, Bidford on Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 1976: Four trial trenches dug by hand. Trench A produced traces of Post Medieval outbuildings, which were still standing in 1976. Traces of 3 probable floor layers were also found. Trench B produced a possible Post Medieval building and possible cultivation layers. Trench C produced very little and D produced the main Post Medieval building sealing a later Medieval plough soil. Traces of the destroyed building included a stone slab floor and a possible hearth containing a clay pipe stem. Some Medieval features were found, seemingly consisting of ditches and pits, although this activity appears not to have been that extensive.
2 Henry VIII, Tudor halfpenny of the York Episcopal mint issued by Archbishop Edward Lee and three-farthings of Elizabeth I from London mint found.

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