Site of Roman Settlement 600m NE of Coton Farm

Description of this historic site

During an archaeological excavation an area of the Roman settlement of Tripontium was found. Ditches, post holes, hearths and several burials were excavated. The site lies 800m west of Shawell.

Notes about this historic site

1 Occupation on the E side of Watling Street excavated from 1963 onwards in advance of gravel extraction. The N limit of the site is 590m N of the railway bridge. This occupation is of 1st century to 4th century date. Evidence of occupation disappears almost entirely 152m from the roadside. Stripping of part of the area removed all evidence except well-bottoms and part of a defensive ditch (PRN 5328). To the N of this area (Area 1) evidence was found for ditches, pits, cobbled surfaces, hearths and post holes. The most intense period of occupation was 2nd century and many of the features were filled during the early 3rd century. A number of human burials were also found. Area 6 was to the SE of the area examined and had been partly destroyed by gravel digging. There were a number of burials and the pottery mostly seems to be 4th century. Wells were also found. In addition to pottery finds included brooches and coins.
3 Plan.

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