Early Anglo-Saxon settlement site and cemetery at Stretton on Fosse Site 1

Description of this historic site

A settlement and complete cemetery of early Saxon date was discovered during excavation. 45 skeletons were revealed, a further 6 were thought to have been destroyed by sand extraction. The cemetery was situated to the west of Stretton on Fosse.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation 1968-70 produced 53 inhumations with grave goods of late Roman/early Saxon date.
2 1968: A Saxon cemetery and settlement found in sand digging. 22 skeletons have been excavated including males, females and children. Finds included small square-headed brooches, disc brooches, amber and glass beads, shield-bosses and spears. Some burials are secondary to sunken features, possibly hut sites. Bone, Roman and Saxon pottery show that settlement existed nearby.
3 1969: An area of over 1.2 ha was stripped to reveal the complete extent of the cemetery. A total of 53 inhumations were discovered, six having been virtually destroyed by Medieval quarrying. The linear cemetery measuring over 61m long by 14m in breadth contained six rows of graves, with nine graves tailing away towards the W. 21 adult males, eleven adult females and fifteen children were identifiable, each containing grave goods. The males were buried with spears, shields and knives, a more important grave contained a bronze bowl. The female graves produced fifteen brooches including saucer, disc, cross potent, square-headed and trefoil types. Charcoal amongst graves to the E of the cemetery may indicate ceremonial fires placed at intervals among the first four rows.
6 Settlement consisted of a rectangular surface structure and two grubenhauser which had been deliberately dismanteled and backfilled. The settlement predated the cemetery being cut by graves. The burials were dated to between AD 495 – 600 so the settlement must have predated this.
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