Iron Age to Anglo-Saxon burials

Description of this historic site

Remains of four skeletons were found. One was dated to the IA/RB period one to the mid AS period. The site was located on the High Street, Bidford on Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 Skeletons found during construction of an extension to the back of Lloyds Bank. Parts of 4 individuals were recovered. There were no grave goods. The skeletons were found at varying depths. As far as could be determined after the damage caused by construction work, they were all aligned approximately W-E.
2 Parts of 2 of the skeletons were submitted to Harwell for C14 dating. Burial 2 produced a result of 1960+/-70 bp (10 bc), burial 4 1210 +/- 80 bp (740 ad).
4 Traces of green coloration on one of the skeletons could indicate contact with an object of bronze.
5 In other words the skeletons may be of late Iron Age date.
6 A Saxon date seems more likely for this cemetery, C14 dates may be wrong (see WA 8129)
7 C14 dates not wrong but information originally entered in record (at 2) incomplete (now updated). Burial 2 calibrated dates range from 160BC to 230AD, Burial 4 dates 660AD to 980AD. Clearly not a single phase of burials though undated burials may bridge the gap. Date range for this record changed to reflect this.
8 Ref 4 above incorrect and refers to site MWA608.

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