Medieval cross, Priors Marston

Description of this historic site

Findspot - part of a stone cross was found near the church yard in Priors Marston. It is thought to be the remains of the churchyard cross.

Notes about this historic site

1 Medieval cross-head unearthed in 1976, beside the churchyard. It was presented to the church. It is presumed to have belonged to the former churchyard cross, of which no other trace has survived. The loss of the heads of the figures suggests defacement by the iconoclasts in the 16th century or 17th century. The unusually elaborate sculpture has as its main scene the Crucifixion, flanked by standing figures of Our Lady and St John the Apostle. On the reverse, Our Lady is seated with the infant Jesus, between kneeling figures whose identity is uncertain. The standing, robed figures on the narrow sides of the cross-head are also unidentified. The whole is supported on the bowed shoulders belonging to two splendidly grinning faces. The cross-head is of Cotswold limestone and the work of a sculptor trained in the West Country. It dates from the last quarter of the 14th century.
2 Correspondence containing description as above.

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