Site of Possible Round Barrow at Cloudesley Bush

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Bronze Age round barrow, a circular mound of earth usually built to conceal a burial. The site of the barrow is suggested by documentary evidence. It is situated in the area of Cloudesley Bush.

Notes about this historic site

1 On the W side of the Fosse stands an eminent Tumulus, whereupon a Beacon is now situated. It is hard to guess, whether it had at first its name from one Claudius, a Roman soldier, whose place of sepulture it was; or from the British word Claude, signifying a ditch, because it is so near the Fosse.
2 Tumulus on Fosse Way (under Cloudsley Bush) two miles S of High Cross, now removed. Dugdale, Stukeley and others took this to be the tomb of one Claudius, and the impossible idea still lingers in some books.
3 VCH reference.
4 The barrow was not located during field investigation.
5 Barrow called ‘Cloudesley Bush’.

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