Undated burial, Burton Dassett

Description of this historic site

Several undated burials were found in the 19th century on Burton Dassett Hills. They were thought to be criminals who had been gibbeted. The burials were found in an area that was subsequently quarried.

Notes about this historic site

1 About the year 1850, a number of skeletons were brought to light in a stone pit at the S end of the Burton Dassett ridge, on an elevation known as ‘Gallows’ or ‘Gibbet Hill’, and situated not far from the crossroads. On account of the locality in which they were found it was, at that time, concluded that they must be the remains of criminals who had been gibbeted. This spot, once a hill but now a pit, is at the top end of the cable way which conveyed ironstone to the railway at the bottom of the hill.

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