Iron Age boundary ditch, Charlecote Road, Charlecote

Description of this historic site

An archaeological excavation discovered a boundary ditch dating to the Iron Age, as well as a sherd of pottery. The site is located 300m north west of the church, Wellesbourne.

Notes about this historic site

1 An archaeological evaluation on land north of Charlecote Road, Charlecote uncovered the line of a boundary ditch of probable Iron Age date in the eastern side of the field. A single sherd of Iron Age pottery was recovered from one of the ditch fills. In trenches 11, 12 and 13 the remains of a sequence of ditches was recorded. These shared the same NE-SW alignement and were in approximately the same location. The multi-phase ditch sequence is similar to another recorded during an evaluation at 2-3 Chalecote Road in 1997. It is possible that the Trench 11-13 ditches are a continuation of the Charlecote Road sequence, with 90 degree change in alignment. This would suggest the existence of a large Iron Age enclosure encompassing the south-east corner of the development site.

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