Site of Anglo Saxon Burials at Compton Verney

Description of this historic site

The site of a bank or grave mound where several burials have been uncovered. The burials dated to the Migration period. Jewellery dating to the same period was found with the human remains. The site is located near Compton Verney.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘Out of a bank near… [Compton Verney]… were dug up, 1774, three skulls, lying in a row, and with them two Saxon jewels set in gold, which were probably once hung round the necks of two of the parties to whom these skulls belonged…’
2 Bracteate of gold, with a milled or cabled border found on the neck of a skeleton at the base of a grave mound at Compton Verney. It is an obvious imitation of a sceatta and the burial can thus not be later that the last quarter of the 7th century. In the same mound was another skeleton with a second gold pendant, which is ornamented with applied gold wire, having in the centre a stone or glass-paste.
3 Drawing of the object.
4 ‘The Banke’ is marked on a drawing of Compton Verney in Dugdale at about the above grid reference. It is known that the lake was being constructed at Compton Verney in 1772 (PRN 1190) and it is possible that the burials were located during levelling associated with the construction of the lake.
8 Both objects are now in the Ashmolean Museum.
9 Details of the items held by the Ashmolean.

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