Alcester Friends Meeting House

Description of this historic site

Early 18th century Friends (Quakers) meeting house with graveyard. Located 40m southeast of the High Street in Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Quaker meeting house with earliest evidence from Saville recording a meeting house in 1677. The Quarter Sessions record a meeting house in 1701. A deed of 1727 shows a lease that notes a Quaker meeting house at this location. Sutton’s map of Alcester of 1754 marks the meeting house as ” i “, shown NE-SW in orientation. Discontinued use as a meeting house in 1835. Left Quaker ownership in 1948. A watching brief in 2003 found some stone footings for the original building and brick walls and foundations of a later date (late 18th century) all oriented NE-SW.
The Alcester Local History Society records that the meeting house had its own graveyard but that no signs of this remain. A watching brief in 2003 found at least 6 (possibly up to 12) burials in the same location as the meeting house.
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