Iron Age or Roman cemetery

Description of this historic site

A cemetery containing burials of Late Iron Age and Roman date. The site is located south of Stretton on Fosse.

Notes about this historic site

1 Series of about twenty burials with late Iron Age pottery, dug 1949; pair of bronze bracelets on wrists of one inhumation. The Iron Age metalwork of greatest interest is the pair of identical bracelets with slightly defined cotton-reel terminals, found around the wrists of a skeleton at Stretton. The burial had legs extended and body pressed forward, head between its knees and face downwards. The left arm was extended backwards and the right arm bent forward at the elbow. British parallels for the bracelets are not easy to find and their Iron Age date has only been inferred from the scatter of Iron Age and Roman potsherds found among the twenty graves.
2 Sandpit, revealed ?AS skeletons. Excavations started by JMM, April 1949.
3 Site 10 in summary of excavations.
4 Diary notes relating to 2.