Bronze Age Round Barrow, Churchover

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Bronze Age round barrow, a mound of earth usually built to conceal a burial. The site is suggested by documentary evidence. It site is located 100m east of Gibbet Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Gibbet Hill was called ‘Loesby’s Gibbet’ in 1729 and is to be identified with Pelgrimslowe of c1350.
2 Bloxam quotes from a letter of E Ashmole to Dugdale (1657) which mentions ‘a tumulus rais’d in the very middle of the highway’ about one mile N of Caves Inn.
3 In this parish, upon the old Roman way, called Watlingstrete, is to be seen a very great Tumulus, which is of that magnitude, that it puts passengers besides the usual road.
4 Pilgrims Lowe was the site of the gibbet of Loseby, a murderer. This was at the crossing of the road between Rugby and Lutterworth and Watling Street. The tumulus was demolished during the construction of the turnpike road from Daventry to Lutterworth.
5 Museum Accession card records two skulls, three long bones, teeth, fragments of iron etc. from Gibbet Hill, Churchover.
6 These may have come from the Migration period cemetery.

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