Site of Undated Settlement at Cawley's Covert

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a settlement of unknown date suggested by earthworks. Burials have also been found at the site, suggesting the presence of a cemetery. The site is located at Cawley's Covert.

Notes about this historic site

1 About half a mile S of Upper Brailes is a place called Radnall Bush, where indications of early settlement are apparent. Here skeletons have been dug up, and the vestiges still exist of a building of hewn stone, 5m square, near to which are traces of a small polygonal-shaped enclosure. Close to this site are excavations and other signs of former occupancy.
2 It has been suggested that this site was located at the above grid reference. Examination of air cover shows an area of disturbance set amid ridge and furrow and bisected by a wooded escarpment. Perambulation produced no further information and the site of the building and enclosure were not identified.
3 Unspecified burials marked at SP2939.

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