Church Lawford Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The probable extent of the medieval settlement at Church Lawford based on the Ordnance Survey map of 1887.

Notes about this historic site

1 The probable extent of the medieval settlement based on the OS first edition map of 1887.
2 The ridge and furrow plotting of the parish.
3 Domesday lists Church Lawford in Marton Hundred. The Phillimore edition has a grid ref of 4476.
Ref 12,5 He (Earl Roger) also holds 5 hides in (Church) Lawton from the Earl. Land for 7 ploughs. In lordship 1, with 2 slaves; 9 villagers, 17 smallholders and 2 Frenchmen with 6 ploughs. A mill at 10s 6d; meadow, 11 acres. The value was 40s; later 10s; now 50s. Ketelbern held it.
4 The 1887 map shows a small village with empty plots, some with trees, lying each side of the main street N/S and the street leading E to the church. The ridge and furrow survival abuts the settlement except to the southwest and northeast. The church [WA3433] dates from the medieval period, and there is a site of shrunken settlement north of the church, WA3440.
5 A series of gullies and an intercutting ditch, along with several pits were recorded during observation at the Reading Room, School Street, within the probable extent of the medieval settlement. The majority of these features contained 13th to 15th century pottery.

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