Undated burial, Priory Park, Warwick

Description of this historic site

The site of several undated burials. They were found in Priory Park, Warwick, during the creation of a garden in the 19th century. The burials did not contain any grave goods. It has been suggested that they could be either Romano-British or Medieval in date.

Notes about this historic site

1 During reconstruction of the Priory House the grounds to the S of the house were laid out as an ornamental garden. Several burials were located about 0.6m from the surface. All were badly decomposed and no grave goods were found. Dr O’Callaghan did not consider these burials to be associated with the Priory and thought them to be Romano British.
2 Burgess records that the skeletons were lying across the face of a ridge of rock which had been covered with earth.
3 Skulls and Roman pottery from the grounds immediately joining the Priory house were presented to the Warwick Field Club in 1868.
4 Some pieces of Samian are said to have been found, with bronze tweezers, ‘tearbottles’ etc in the Priory grounds. The details of the discovery have not been recorded, but the tweezers suggest Saxon burial.
5 It is not certain that the Romano British pottery and the bronze tweezers came from these burials. However the VCH records that some finds were in the possession of T Lloyd who is recorded to have donated the skulls and Romano British pot to the Warwick Archaeological Society in 1868.
6 These burials may be more likely to be monastic in origin being in the vicinity of a monastic burial found in 1971.

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