Kings Ley Barn

Description of this historic site

Barn and other buildings located 700m north of Radway. The barn was used as a field hospital by Royalists at the Battle of Edgehill and was demolished in the 20th century.

Notes about this historic site

1 Complex of Agricutural barns. Marked on the OS 1st edtion map as ‘King’s Ley Barn’.
Noted in a number of accounts of the Battle of Edgehill. It lay on the right of the Royalists lines and was used as a field hospital, it is probably the barn which was close to where Charles’s sons were almost captured by Parliamentarian cavalry. It was investigated by the ‘Two Men in a Trench’ BBC television series which confirmed its post-medieval date. The barn (and other buildings) was demolished in the 20th century.

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