Romano British Settlement

Description of this historic site

An enclosure of Roman date as well as ditches, rubble surfaces and evidence of industrial activity, suggest a settlement. The site is located 1km west of Harbury Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 Evidence for a Romano British settlement, in the form of enclosure ditches, rubble surfaces and domestic occupation debris. An unusual form of slag in high quantities points to some industrial activity. The settlement may be either a suburb of the Roman Town of Chesterton or a satellite of it.
2 The dearth of 1st century material from the site would seem to suggest that occupation began in the early 2nd century. A low level of activity continued until the late 3rd/4th century at which point there seems to have been a considerable increase. Given the realatively large assemblages of pottery and tile, the enclosure sequence seems likely to have been close by an area of domestic actiivity. The enclosures themselves could have had a variety of functions
After the completion of the excavations it was though useful to attempt to establish the extent of the occupation by means of a surface survey. Four arable fields were surveyed and recorded a very thin scatter of Romano-British pottery and tile. The assemblage of pottery and tile is no more than one could expect from any fields in the environs of a Romano-British site and is certainly less than one might expect from fields adjacent to a Romano-British town. Neither does it appear to highlight the extent of the excavated site itself.

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