Roman Settlement at Glasshouse Wood

Description of this historic site

A Roman enclosure or platform, visible as an earthwork, was recorded during fieldwork. Trial trenches revealed the remains of a Roman building and a cremation burial suggesting that this is the site of a Roman settlement. It is situated at Glasshouse Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Discovered during fieldwork on the line of the Kenilworth Bypass. The site consisted of a possible field system and a house platform, or enclosure, on the edge of Glasshouse Wood. Exploratory excavations were undertaken involving the digging of a number of small trenches. Trench II was dug on the site of an extensive scatter of pot and tile and revealed a cremation burial dated by a coin of Nero (68AD). This was sealed by a layer of pottery and tegulae. Trench IV revealed a stone and gravel platform just outside the enclosure. Trench VIII revealed two rooms of a stone building with quantities of 3rd century to 4th century pottery. The building evidently had a tile roof. Trenches IX and XII revealed ditches and slots of 1st-4th century date.
3 Scheduling record.
5 Scheduling information.
6 Ten stamped Roman roof tiles found in 1989. Grid reference given of SP311715, and method of collection as “surface finds”.
7 List of finds.
8 Memo from 1971 about RB occupation debris.
9 Correspondence with the public from 1971-2.
10 Correspondence from 1978 about a pipe trench across the site.
11 Correspondence about possible damage to the site.
12 Correspondence about informing the new owners of Stoneleigh Estate about the SAM status.

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