Possible prehistoric enclosures

Description of this historic site

Several Prehistoric enclosures are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. They might represent the remains of a farmstead. The enclosures are situated 200m west of Lawford Lane, Rugby.

Notes about this historic site

1 AP.
2 Undated subrectangular enclosure with subdivisions shows on aerial photographs.
3 A geophysical survey carried out during 1992 confirmed the presence of a sub-rectangular enclosure with a small sub-rectangular enclosure in the north west corner as identified on APs. The results also suggest the presence of a possible ring ditch/ hut circle within the smaller enclosure. To the west of the large enclosure is the suggestion of a further small enclosure, however the geophysical survey was not able to confirm this.
4 Probably a later Prehistoric farmstead surrounded by enclosure ditches.
5 Evaluation occurred across this area in 2000. A number of the features identified on aerial photography were evaluated; little dating material was obtained. The tentative conclusion in 4 above, is considered difficult to prove, as Iron Age pottery was only recovered from two context stratigraphically isolated from the major enclosures. It is suggested that a ditch in trench 11 is related to domestic settlement, with its fill of unabraded Iron Age pottery, whereas the rest of cropmarks in this area have been interpreted as part of a field system. The principal features of the cropmark complex, however, remain undated.
6 A trial trench through the possible smaller enclosure to the north-west revealed a ditch but no dating evidence was found.

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