Mesolithic/Neolithic Settlement 'Site 5' at Stretton on Fosse

Description of this historic site

Excavation of a settlement uncovered pits, ditches, a subcircular feature, post holes and a possible hearth of Mesolithic/Neolithic date, and an undated burial. A large flint scatter included scrapers, microliths and an arrowhead. The site is 800m west of Stretton on Fosse.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavations of pits, ditches and a subcircular feature. The ditches and other features appear to be Romano British (see PRN 5358), but other features are Mesolithic/Neolithic. To the W of the site were a number of pits, some of which produced flint and are possibly Neolithic, although one was an undated burial. The most unusual feature was a shallow subcircular gully, incomplete on its W and with a sub-enclosure on the SE. Five post holes were placed around the ditch and at the centre was a possible hearth. A large number of flints, including an axe-sharpening flake, were found in association, and one possible potsherd came from a post hole. The flint scatter included scrapers, microliths and a leaf-shaped arrowhead.
2 Plan.

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