Possible Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Mancetter

Description of this historic site

The site of a possible Medieval settlement was uncovered during excavation. The site lies east of Quarry Lane, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site 1. During excavation of Roman fort buildings, WA 3496, at Manor House Farm, traces of Medieval occupation were found. A layer of reddish clay containing much pottery, bone, charcoal and slag nodules. This was up to 0.152m thick. When removed, a complicated series of postholes, postpits and pits was revealed. The postpits defined part of a timber building, with a line of five postholes dated to the 13th century by pottery. A number of pits produced pottery, daub and slag.
2 Plan.
3 Plan.
4 Sections.
5 Noted.
6 Noted.
7 Interim report of 1976.
8 Interim report of 1977.
9 A fair group of animals from kitchen waste was also recovered from this excavation.
10 Despite the heading ‘early medievel period’ only dated features from this phase are 13th century. Dating changed to reflect this.

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