Site of Deserted Medieval Settlement 400m SE of the Asps, Bishops Tachbrook

Description of this historic site

Cropmarks and documantary evidence suggest that there is a Medieval deserted settlement 400m south east of the Asps. The settlement may have been called Naspes.

Notes about this historic site

1 Naspes ‘which hath not now above four houses in it, but anciently it was more populous.’
2 Rous names this village as destroyed. I identify this village as ‘The Aspes’, two fields E of the point where the Barford road leaves the Warwick-Banbury main road. The PNMS map has ‘Great Township Close’ here. In 1581 (Waller, Deeds, Shire Hall) a Naspis Close was sold.
3 Naspes – depopulated place.
4 Mentioned as a hamlet in 1316. Occurs as Aspes or Naspes as a place name from 1195 onwards. References to common waste and field of Naspes in deeds of the time of Henry VI (1422-61), but it is now only a farm.
5 Site indicated by field names ‘Great and Little Township Close’ on 1843 Tithe Award map. Fields at present under crop – nothing visible.
7 Cropmarks of possible hollow ways, enclosures and linear features show on air photos.
8 Nothing to be seen at all (D). Period of desertion known, but documentary evidence inferior in quantity (1).
9 Portable Antiquities Scheme find provenance information:
Date found: 1999-01-01T00:00:00Z
Methods of discovery: Metal detector
10 Geophysical survey identified a series of enclosures in this location, perhaps indicative of the deserted medieval settlement.

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