Site of Poss Roman Cemetery to S of Chesterton Camp

Description of this historic site

A small Roman cemetery disturbed by ploughing in 1966. It was probably sited outside the ditch of the Roman Camp. A further burial was disturbed in 1992. The site lies 600m west of Windmill Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 In July 1966 earth-moving equipment was noted at Chesterton Camp and it was discovered that the farmer had received permission from MPBW to plough the site. This work started almost immediately and the plough went through a small cemetery, disturbing a number of burials. The police were immediately called in and the work temporarily halted.
2 Outside the ditch on the S of the town. Position of nine burials marked.
3 The first group of burials were given letters A, B and E and were turned over by the plough (therefore under 0.3m deep). All three were adults and orientations were impossible to determine. Bones were only collected from A. Also traces of disarticulated animal burials. A coin was found someway to the S. A second group of burials was found on crest of rampart at 0.3m depth and lying E-W. 5-7 burials were uncovered, all badly damaged by earth-moving equipment.
4 The plan (ref 2) suggests that the burials were outside the ditch rather than in the rampart.
5 Traces of ten burials in total, one was a baby buried under the legs of an adult. A second burial was probably a baby, although the bones were badly shattered. Five were buried facing SE and one at a right angle. A visitor was told that a lorry driver had ‘some blue marbles which had been found in groups’ – possibly Saxon beads.
6 In 1961 some human bones were found in the bank of the stream and on the W of the camp.
7 In 1992 a further burial was disturbed by the plough at SP3459.

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