Undated Cemetery at Bordon Hill

Description of this historic site

Several burials were found in the area of Bordon Hill, suggesting that this might be the site of a cemetery. The date of the burials is unknown.

Notes about this historic site

1 Five or six years ago several skeletons were found on the S face of Bardon (Bordon) Hill, and immediately by the side of the Stratford-Evesham road. The skeletons were E-W and about a foot and a half from the surface. Nothing was found with them.
2 The above description suggests an area around SP1754. No further information. The burials were probably late Saxon.
3 See also PRN 917. The reason for the supposed Late Saxon dating of the burials in reference 2 is unspecified.
4 Archaeological observation of the laying of a new pipeline between Bordon Hill (SP 17 54), and the A46 Alcester Road (SP 17 55) found no trace of the undated cemetery.
5 There seems to be some conflation between MWA916, 917 and 1798. MWA1798 and 917 refer to the 1777 discoveries; MWA916 refers to the discoveries made in 1860 or 1861. Giving the difficulty in locating both sites, it is possible that the same area/site is being referred to.