Cemetery to the south of Lower Lark Stoke Manor, Admington

Description of this historic site

Medieval cemetery either for the family of Lower Lark Stoke Manor or the villagers of the deserted settlement of Lark Stoke. No associated church or chapel has been identified to date. Burials disturbed by groundworks were re-interred.

Notes about this historic site

1 Seven graves were recorded during the demolition of old farm buildings at Lower Lark Stoke Manor in 1995. An area was excavated and six of the burials were temporarily removed for study. The burials were east-west aligned with no grave goods and were likely to have been from a christian cemetery associated with Lark Stoke deserted medieval settlement or with the Manor. No church or chapel has been identified.
2 A further possible grave and a ditch were uncovered in the 5m x 4.1m area. A single sherd of medieval pottery was found in a layer.

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