Shrunken Settlement at Knightcote

Description of this historic site

An area of shrunken village at Knightcote which dates to the Post Medieval period. It is known from the earthwork remains of house platforms and hollow ways. A Post Medieval coin was also found.

Notes about this historic site

1 In ploughed field pottery and coin of George III picked up. Features have been ploughed out but it was possible to pick up the line of shallow hollow ways and two platforms. The hollow way runs N-S from the Manor House to Stockwell Spring.
2 The field has been replanted with grass. The owner said that it had only been ploughed once this century. The hollow way can just be seen, but the platforms have been obliterated.
3 Earthworks seem to spread across this entire field, although they are rather amorphous and ephemeral in nature.

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