Early Medieval Settlement 200m N of Bidford Bridge

Description of this historic site

The site of an Early Medieval settlement. Excavation has uncovered features and finds associated with occupation, including post holes, ditches, pits and enclosures. It is 150m north east of Bidford Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Occupation features found close to the site of the pagan Saxon cemetery. A number of parallel slots suggested animal pens, these had been cut by a curving ditch containing wattle-and-daub, several fragments of rotary quern and a decorated bone knife handle. Further W were other ditches and post holes indicating timber structures and these produced Saxon pottery.
2 A complex of ditches, pits and post holes, sealed by a thick (medieval?) plough soil, were revealed by excavation. A Late Saxon pit on NE of the site contained burnt material, a bun-shaped loomweight, a scythe blade, a spearhead and ferrule, a possible barrel padlock and piece of quern. This is probably destruction debris from a late Saxon timber building. No medieval features and area almost certainly part of the open field.

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