Site of Roman Settlement 400m SE of Church

Description of this historic site

During an excavation the remains of an enclosure surrounding a timber building and several rubbish pits were found. The remains were Roman in date and suggested that this was once a settlement. The site was located 400m south east of the church at Baginton.

Notes about this historic site

1 1979: Excavation in advance of a new housing complex. The aim was to try to establish the extent of the Roman and Saxon occupation on the Baginton Plateau. Positive evidence of 1st – 2nd century occupation was found in the form of a ditched enclosure. Six rubbish pits have been excavated inside the enclosure, one of which was nearly 3m in diameter. All of the pits contained ‘vast quantities’ of coarse ware, some Samian and mortaria. The large pit also contained nine large fragments of brick and tile. Evidence of a small timber building was also found. All finds are in Herbert Museum, Coventry.
2 Plan.
3 Note.
4 Noted in Britannia (1984).

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