Compton Scorpion Deserted Medieval Settlement

Compton Scorpion Deserted Settlement, Ilmington | Warwickshire County Council
Compton Scorpion Deserted Settlement, Ilmington
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval deserted settlement Compton Scorpion. Aerial photographs show earthworks of enclosures, hollow ways and house platforms. The settlement is located to the south of Windmill Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Rous records a population of 53, but the settlement had been depopulated by his day. He cites a chapel as destroyed (PRN 5309). Dugdale does not mention the existence of a village. The School Field Names Survey shows Town Meadow to the W of the manor house by the stream, and on inspection there was slight evidence on the ground.
2 Medium archaeology (B), period of desertion known, but documentary evidence inferior in quantity (1).
3 Centred on the above grid reference are the very reduced remains of the village.
5 A network of hollow ways, enclosures and possible house platforms show on air photographs of 1955 and 1962.
6 The earthworks at Compton Scorpion were surveyed in April 2010 by Chris Dyer, with assistance from Ben Morton and Bryn Gethin. The survey shows the street pattern, boundary banks, property boundaries in between tofts and house plots. Published in 2012.

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