Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Wappenbury

Description of this historic site

The site of an area of shrunken village at Wappenbury, dating to the Medieval period. Earthworks are visible on aerial photographs and these include several house platforms and hollow ways, as well as ridge and furrow.

Notes about this historic site

1 A field centred at the above grid reference and lying within the Wappenbury earthwork contains traces of village earthworks and ridge and furrow. The NE corner contains ridge and furrow and the rest of the field contains a number of possible house platforms and a possible hollow way down the middle. Wappenbury itself should be considered a shrunken Medieval village. There is a small modern barn-type building towards the centre of the field, but otherwise the earthworks are well-preserved. Other fields contain ridge and furrow, but no other remains of the village itself could be seen.
3 The eastern rampart of the hillfort defines the extent of the Medieval settlement in this direction. The earthwork remains include two house platforms which have been built alongside the inner edge of the rampart and a third platform to the north-west. A hollow way is visible as a shallow depression running east to west adjacent to the southern house platform. There is also a second hollow way, now a surfaced lane adjacent to the church. This part of the settlement and an area of ridge and furrow are included in the schedule (WA21555).

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