Poss monastic site at Cryfield House Farm

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Cistercian monastery dating to the Medieval period. The site lies to the west of Cryfield Village.

Notes about this historic site

1 About 1154-55 monks at Radmore (Staffs) were granted the right to establish a Cistercian foundation at Cryfield within the royal manor of Stoneleigh, on the grounds that the Cannock Chase foresters were disturbing the contemplative life at Radmore. The initial site chosen at Cryfield was also adjudged too exposed and the monks very soon moved to the site of what became Stoneleigh Abbey (WA 2905). The location of the early Cryfield site has not been definitely established, and it is possible that it might have been Cryfield Grange (WA 2852). However, the presence of 12th century pottery and substantial sandstone structures at Cryfield House suggest that this is another possible location. The sandstone features, which could also be of 17th century or 18th century date, include the footings of the present farmhouse, a sandstone lined well, a pavement of cut blocks and a massive wall buried in the back garden. It is likely that most of the stone for these features was quarried fairly close to the site.

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