Medieval Priory at Wroxall - 'Wroxall Abbey'

Description of this historic site

The site of Wroxall Abbey, a Medieval Benedictine Nunnery which was founded in the 12th century. The remains of two of the nunnery buildings are still standing, as are the remains of the church. A house was built on the site during the 16th century.

Notes about this historic site

1 Benedictine nunnery of Wroxall, dedicated to St Leonard, was founded around the end of the reign of Henry I (1100-35). Leland gives 1141 as the actual date. At the dissolution there were five nuns with the prioress.
2 Apart from the church (PRN 5348) there are only scanty remains of two buildings (PRN 5347). The site was later occupied by a 16th century house.
3 OS Card.
4 Plan.
5 The nunnery was founded on lands donated by Hugh Fitz Richard, Lord of Hatton. It was dissolved in 1536 and the site of the nunnery was granted to Robert Burgoyne and John Scudamore in 1544. The standing remains include the ruins of two of the conventual buildings (MWA 5347) and part of the early 14th century church (MWA 5348). Although the nunnery extended beyound the church and cloisters, there is no surface evidence to indicate the original extent.
6 SAM list.
7 Article discussing the foundation and endowment of the priory.

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