Medieval buildings associated with St Mary's Priory

Description of this historic site

Excavations revealed evidence of Medieval buildi ngs associated with St Mary's Priory, Nuneaton. A pit containing medieval pottery was also recorded.

Notes about this historic site

1 A small exploratory excavation was carried out by Warwickshire Museum in March 1986 some 50m east of the cloisters in the southeastern corner of the Abbey Field. A small pit dating to the early medieval period was recorded. A number of walls were also recorded, laid on a levelled gravel surface, cut by a pit containg late 15th/early 16th century pottery, belonging to the extra-claustral layout of the Priory. Post-abondonment features were also recorded.
2 Further excavations were carried out by the Museum in 1987, in the eastern part of the Abbey Field. In addition, salvage recording in the grounds of Manor Court revealed the first firm evidence for monastic buildings to the west of the cloisters – two substantial walls running parallel to Hollystitches Brook.
3 Revision of scheduling.

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