Excavation of Romano-British Features at Mancetter Vicarage

Description of this historic site

A ditch dating to the Roman period. It is situated inside the area of the Roman Fort, 20m east of Quarry Lane. Features excavated inside the area of the ditch provide evidence for Roman occupation of the area.

Notes about this historic site

1 Very limited salvage recording was managed in trenches of an extension to Mancetter Vicarage in 1981. The sides of the trenches revealed a ditch, foundation slots and pits and finds consisted of a Samian inscribed vessel and a coin (73AD). Just confirms existence of occupation within fort.
2 A rounded corner of a military ditch was discovered probably representing an earlier or later fort.
3 Plan.
4 Correspondence.
5 Noted; K Scott watching brief, 1981. Timber structure noted.

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