Prehistoric Features at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Description of this historic site

Prehistoric features and finds recovered during excavations at Coughton Court, included ditches, gulleys, a pit, postholes and Neolithic worked flint.

Notes about this historic site

1 A Neolithic ditch aligned east-west was found on the southern part of the site. It spanned three trenches and a single flint flake was recovered. Several worked flints of early Neolithic date were recovered from four post holes in the same area, arrayed in parallel pairs, which were interpreted as a structure.
Two undated ditches, one of which cut one or possibly two of the above post holes, were revealed together with two shallow gullies and a pit or scoop. These features were interpreted as being prehistoric in date. No finds.
The remains of a square post hole uncovered east of the present house may be Roman rather than prehistoric. One of the above gullies (B69) may also be Roman, this being allied to both periods in the report.

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