Site of Romano-British or Anglo-Saxon Settlement 450m W of Stretton on Fosse

Description of this historic site

A Roman or Saxon settlement discovered during an excavation. An enclosure, ditches and post holes were among the features that were discovered. The settlement was disturbed by Medieval quarrying. The site is located 450m west of Stretton on Fosse.

Notes about this historic site

1 The large Saxon cemetery, WA1832, post-dated traces of a settlement site. These comprised two sides of a post-built structure, a trapezoidal enclosure and two linear ditches which ran E to W along the ridge. The rectangular post-built structure had been truncated by a Medieval sand quarry. The structure appeared to have been dismantled and was found in association with two shelved oval pits. These contained both Roman and Saxon pottery, evidence for a wattle and daub superstructure, an iron object and a coin of Valentinian I. Grave 35 of WA1832 cut one of the postholes of the structure and several graves cut the sunken floored features. The two linear E to W ditches predated both cemetery and SFB: they contained RB sherds including some Samian. No pottery was found in the ditch of the trapezoidal enclosure although charcoal and bone was recovered. The interior of the enclosure produced RB and Saxon pottery and a coin of Constantine II.

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