Pits, east of Grove Lane, Wishaw

Description of this historic site

Prehistoric pits were uncovered near Grove Lane, Wishaw during archaeological work connected with the Birmingham Northern Relief Road project.

Notes about this historic site

1 A cluster of nine pits were found near to the south bank of the stream and may represent burnt mound material. An undated curvilinear arc encircling an 11m area may be related to the pits (WA 9097)
2 Clear features such as this must post date the Mesolithic.
3 These rectangular and irregular pits were further investigated in advance of construction of the M6 toll. They contained deposits of burnt stone. Some of the pits were truncated by medieval features, but some of them seemed to contain a lot of medieval pottery, a large assemblage to be considered intrusive. While the balance of established opinion suggests they are of prehistoric data, and probably of later prehistoric date as inferred in 2, it cannot be discunted that they may be associated with medieval fishpond management. It is tentatively suggested that they may be of Iron Age date, associated with the Iron Age complex from Site 19 and the roundhouse gully (MWA9097).

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