Findspot - Neolithic to Bronze Age flint

Description of this historic site

A flint scatter, comprising numerous worked flints of Neolithic and Bronze Age date, was discovered to the east of Alveston Manor Hotel, Stratford upon Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 1934: During excavation of Anglo Saxon cemetery dozens of worked flints from a working site were found scattered over a considerable area. They are probably late Neolithic and early Bronze Age and include scrapers and cores.
2 The source for this may be Wellstood’s notes.
3 Article written for the local newspaper by Wellstood about the excavation. Many of the pieces of worked flint were rough chips from a flaking floor. They were found ‘two to three feet below the surface’, and were dated by the British Museum.
4 Archival correspondence from 1970-1.

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